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Welcome To MindClera SMP V2!

MindClera is a private, white-listed, invite-only Minecraft server started by matthew_cowley. matthew_cowley is the only op on the server, everyone else (including Matt) are playing vanilla survival multiplayer. The primary purpose of the server is to be able to play with other YouTubers in a survival multiplayer world.

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MindClera On YouTube!

Multiple players on the server are recording their gameplay & builds on the server and are uploading it as a series onto YouTube. One of the main channles that is uploading is: matthew_cowley.

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Who's Playing On MindClera?

There are currentely 13 players in the MindClera team, they are: matthew_cowley, gmoney5678, katy_cowley, AldenTheMighty, samuel123abc, luk3v8, penguinsfan13, alexrocks99, jctitan, 6dayna6, wilstrike, williamsilks, 123money5. You can view a full list with YouTube & Twitter links in the 'Team' section in the navigation bar above.

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Want To Join MindClera?

Want to join the team? Well, you've got a chance... We are look to aim for a team of 15 players, we currently have 13 (Not many spaces left!), so we only have 2 spaces left, if you want to apply to join... please visit here to apply for a chance to join the team!

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Supporting Us...

If you want to support the team, you can donate to us. All money donated goes towards hosting this site & the server, any excess is doanted to charity!

MindClera Is Offline

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